LSI Sport Tender Series


These are high – pressure inflatable floor boat models. LSI models have Achilles CSM Drop Stitch High Pressure Floors. These floors will protect from scrapes, the sun, salt water, oil and gasoline. These High Pressure Floors are lightweight, rigid and durable. Thousands of polyester threads make these air floors firm. The additional support of an air keel increases floor rigidity and along with fiberglass–encased transom enhances overall performance. With large tube diameter LSI tenders can carry heavy loads despite their light weight. These boats are great to take with you in RV or trunk of your car or for use as a tender for your boat.

These boats come with:

  • Removable wood seat
  • Break down oars
  • Carry bag
  • Maintenance kit
  • Foot pump
  • Rear carry handles



Length 7’7″
Weight 52 lbs
Tube Diameter 15.5″
Load 820 lbs
Persons 2
Maximum HP 4

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Length 8’6″
Weight 66 lbs
Tube Diameter 15.5″
950 lbs
Load 4
Maximum HP 6

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Length 9’6″
Weight 74 lbs
Tube Diameter 17″
1230 lbs
Load 4
Maximum HP 8

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Length 10’2″
Weight 79 lbs
Tube Diameter 17″
1320 lbs
Load 4
Maximum HP 10

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Length 11′
Weight 91 lbs
Tube Diameter 18″
1630 lbs
Load 5
Maximum HP 15

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Length 12’2″
Weight 115 lbs
Tube Diameter 18″
1700 lbs
Load 6
Maximum HP 25

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