Achilles SPD Sport Tenders

[two_column] [/two_column] [two_column_last]Their square bow configuration allows for more interior space and the V-shaped fiberglass transom and inflatable keel deliver better tracking and performance. These deluxe tenders also feature large tube diameters and Perfomax tubes for better stability, performance and load capacities. These tenders have a non-slip, foam–matted floorboards, aluminum floor joints and stringers for […]

LSI Sport Tender Series

[two_column] [/two_column] [two_column_last] These are high – pressure inflatable floor boat models. LSI models have Achilles CSM Drop Stitch High Pressure Floors. These floors will protect from scrapes, the sun, salt water, oil and gasoline. These High Pressure Floors are lightweight, rigid and durable. Thousands of polyester threads make these air floors firm. The additional […]

LSR Sport Tender Series

[two_column] [/two_column] [two_column_last]These models provide convenience of a roll-up floor with the rigidity and strength of floorboards. Achilles has developed a unique aluminum floor that makes it a snap to quickly inflate and break down these tenders. This new floor design combined with a innovative hinge system makes this roll up floor stronger and firmer […]

Achilles LEX Sport Tender Series

[two_column] [/two_column] [two_column_last] These tenders offer boaters a classic look and functionality that has made them so popular. Sleek bow design and ample interior space come together to make this boat a great all around transport. A teardrop rub strake deflects spray and improves protection from dock collisions and boat hulls. These boats come with: […]