Achilles HB-DX Rigid Hull Series

[two_column] [/two_column] [two_column_last]These deluxe hard bottom inflatable boats offer boaters the best combination of style, performance and functionality. A deep “V” fiberglass hull delivers superior performance while a built–in bow locker provides both a seat and a safe place for gear. These boats are also easy to transport on a small trailer and easy to […]

Achilles HB-LX Rigid Hull Series

[two_column] [/two_column] [two_column_last]Achilles HB-LX boats provide same performance as DX deep “V” fiberglass hull design in a lighter rib. While also maintaining the same tube design as DX boats, LX boats are on average 20% lighter. This means they can perform well with smaller engines and can be carried and transported more easily. These boats […]