Achilles HB-LX Rigid Hull Series


[two_column_last]Achilles HB-LX boats provide same performance as DX deep “V” fiberglass hull design in a lighter rib. While also maintaining the same tube design as DX boats, LX boats are on average 20% lighter. This means they can perform well with smaller engines and can be carried and transported more easily. These boats are also easy to transport on a small trailer and easy to keep in your garage.

These boats come with:

  • stainless bow eye
  • lifting hardware for davits
  • foot pump
  • break down oars
  • extra seat attachments (except HB-240 LX)
  • repair kit

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Length 7’10”
Weight 86 lbs.
Tube Diam. 16″
Load Cap. 900 lbs.
Persons 3
Max HP 6


Length 9’2″
Weight 118 lbs.
Tube Diam. 17″
Load Cap. 1210 lbs.
Persons 4
Max HP 10


Length 10’4″
Weight 128 lbs.
Tube Diam. 17″
Load Cap. 1320 lbs.
Persons 5
Max HP 15


Length 11’6″
Weight 161 lbs.
Tube Diam. 18″
Load Cap. 1680 lbs.
Persons 6
Max HP 20

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